Pupils commented after the workshop how much more confident they are now in creating new music

    Andy Teacher
    No. 01

    The workshop was well organised, inspiring and engaging – we would definitely have the Vonnegut Collective back

    Tom Teacher
    No. 01

    Cracking performances and the new work was inspiring.

    Mark Audience member
    No. 01

    An experience I'll never forget!

    Dave Composer
    No. 01

    Truly captivating performances and compositions by all involved!

    Adam Audience member
    No. 01

    two incredible pros, including all who wish to be a part of making contemporary music.

    Tullis Composer
    No. 01

    Vonnegut Collective seem like an interrogation of not only the limitations of music, but of human interactions. Experiments in musical breathing and techniques extend to movement. It’s as though the force of trumpeter Gary Farr’s sounds propel violinist Gemma Bass around the space.

    The Tempohouse, Glasgow
    No. 01

    The liquid timbre of their instruments is beautiful to experience

    The Skinny
    No. 01