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    September 18 Meet

    Our first ever Monthly Meet! A new initiative giving us the chance to explore parameters in improvisation. In future months we’ll invite musicians from within the collective and collaborating artists to join us for these research and development/training sessions.

    For this first session we wanted to keep things simple with three ideas to explore:

    Breath, and the point at which breath becomes sound.

    This was a result of some work we did with the instrumentalists on Manchester Contemporary Youth Opera. It’s also the theme for this year’s Manchester University project.

    Modes Considering we’ve been passionate improvisers for a few years now, our knowledge of modes is a bit lacking so we’d like to use these sessions to get more familiar with modes. We started very simply this month and hope to develop this work over the next year or two.

    Extremes : big/small Again, this is something that came out of MCYO and the amazing work we were lucky enough to do with Rebecca Meltzer. We are learning more and more how to move with our instruments and are really interested in the different sounds that come about when we push ourselves like this.

    Big thanks to East Didsbury Methodist Church for the use of the space!

    Other stuff

    This month we’ve been busy getting a few future projects set up, spending a lot of time looking at dates and talking to venues and collaborators. It’s worth the hard work as we’ve got heaps of exciting projects now lined up right through to October 2019. Watch this space for work with Animikii Theatre, Manchester University, Emma Doherty, Shaun Davies and maybe even a trip to Norway…

    We’ve also got to work updating our website, we’ll be launching in December. Big thanks to Alex and Jane Rennie for helping us out with this, what amazing peoples to work with!

    September has also been a great month for performances. We had a lot of fun playing and mentoring on this year’s Manchester Contemporary Youth Opera, and we’ve also done some cracking gigs at our day jobs with the BBC Phil and are pretty excited about the appointment of NEW MUSIC ENTHUSIAST and IMPROVISER (!!!!) Omer Welber.  Woop woop! We’ve been to watch some great stuff too – NQ Jazz continues to be loads of fun and super inspiring, and the season launches from Psappha and Manchester Camerata set these two great groups off to a flying start.

    That’s it from us for now, see you in October!


    Here is an audio version of this month’s blog: