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    September 19 News

    Welcome to this month’s news! As we begin our next exciting season of 2019-2020, we have plenty to share with you already:

    At the beginning of September, we completed a two week residency with MCYO (Manchester Contemporary Youth Orchestra). Our role was to help to develop improvisation skills and techniques with young musicians on the course. We had loads of fun being a part of it, collaborating with Nina Whiteman, Richard Strivens, Animikii Theatre and the whole team at MCYO. At the end of the project, we witnessed some amazing performances and wish the best of luck to the young people we worked with! Here are just some photos of our rehearsals:



    We found out from Mark Solter who directed The Moon Smells Like Gunpowder that the film received a further 6 Fusion International Film Festival nominations. Once again congratulations to all the team involved, we’re delighted it’s getting the recognition it deserves!


    Bergen, Norway
    Finally, we went on our much anticipated trip to Bergen which took place at the end of this month. We were invited to Bergen to do a new music performance for Brasswind Festival 2019. The Vonnegut Collective programme was: Bone Meal by Tom Harrold, Dead-End/Safe Haven by Craig Farr and Babel Fisk (a collective-devised improvisation). The rehearsing was brilliant with all of our collaborators who were involved. The performers were: Gary Farr on Trumpet, Roger Andreas Holme on Saxophones, Craig Farr on Percussion, Gemma Bass on Violin and Ragnhild Sannes on Cello.

    We created a strong working dynamic and the final performance was fantastic – we hope the audience that came to see it enjoyed it as much as we did! Whilst we were in Bergen, we did a 3-hour improvisation workshop with 60 teenagers from Langhaugen School. We had a great time and so did the students, commenting that the workshop was ‘inspiring’ and ‘magical’! Here are just a few photos of our trip:


    Thats all for this month, we’ll be back next month with more news!


    Here is an audio version of this month’s blog: