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    48 HOURS – ALBUM RELEASED 28 May 2021

    48 Hours will be available to buy on CD and Digital download from Moving Furniture Records on Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes or pre-order now at your preferred online store. 

    When a twenty-minute piece takes two weeks to rehearse, is an audience robbed of some of the richness of their experience by not witnessing that creative journey?

    For 48 Hours, we worked collaboratively with composer Tullis Rennie, together exploring the creative arc of the rehearsal process as we immersed ourselves in our most challenging work to date – Thomas Adès’s Piano Quintet

    The resulting album features our new recording of the Piano Quintet, and Rennie’s original work 48 Hours, a new piece conceived in response to our process of rehearsal and creative interpretation of Adès’s work. Recordings from rehearsals and interviews with players are woven through improvised interpretations of a new graphic score, combined with trumpet and electronics. The album plays with perspective, creative observation and interpersonal experience – we hope it gives listeners a unique insight into our creative practice, connecting us with them in a unique and enriching way.

    “48 Hours draws the listener into a wondrous dreamworld where the experience of a piece of music ceases to be a linear temporal construct and becomes a forest of sonic possibilities to be explored and marvelled at.” Claudia Molitor

    This is our very first album, and is released by Amsterdam-based Moving Furniture Records on 28 May 2021. Originally conceived as a live and recording project, 48 Hours was intended as a celebration of our 5th birthday in May 2020 – sadly it had to be postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Given all that has happened in the last year, we’re very excited to have been able to record these works and to share them with you now.

    48 Hours – Tullis Rennie (2020) 28 mins

    Piano Quintet op.20 – Thomas Adès (2000) 22 mins

    Violin 1 – Caroline Pether
    Violin 2 – Gemma Bass
    Viola – Kay Stephen
    Cello – Paul Grennan
    Piano – Ben Powell
    Trumpet – Gary Farr
    Composition and electronics – Tullis Rennie

    Pre-order now!

    With huge thanks to everyone who supported our Crowdfunder campaign; Arts Council England; PRS Foundation; Caroline Sipos, Miguel Mera and the Knowledge Exchange fund (HEIF) from City, University of London and Research England; Naomi Tattum; Gavin Osborn; Alan Williams and the University of Salford.

    This project is generously funded by Arts Council England and PRS Foundation.