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    Response 3 ~ OUTSIDE


    SEE… I left my cottage and walked out to the edge of the hamlet where I live, in Southwest England. What did I see? I became aware of the wispy clouds scudding like will-o’-the-wisps across the blue sky.

    HEAR… There is a wildlife sanctuary on the edge of our hamlet. It houses and cares for a pack of wolves, some reindeer, a family of meerkats, snakes and owls. As I walked past it on my way into the countryside I became aware of the news blasting out of a radio as one of the workers mucked out an enclosure. “President Trump..! Tens of thousands of police… Applied teargas and rubber bullets to the crowds…” Where is the real world sanctuary in these times?

    BEAUTY… At this point, now in the woods, I met two walkers in quick succession. One a young man hiking along the path with his world on his back. Another, an older woman, sitting on a stone wall drinking tea from her flask. Both greeted me. The beauty of humans. 

    SLOW DOWN… Encouraged by the voice to tread more delicately, I came upon a squirrel sitting on the path. It looked at me, and then hopped along the path, as if to entice me to follow it, like Alice following the White Rabbit into Wonderland…

    Writing & photograph created by Arabella, South West England // Music & performance created by Harry Percy

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