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    Response 12 ~ INTERNAL


    I sit in my office – not the most beautiful and some might say not the most relaxing place, but it is a place where I feel comfortable. I become aware of my body – my fingers, my toes and I breathe deeply – relaxed. 

    I close my eyes and remember where I sat yesterday in a field with the harvest being collected in.  I have passed through this field several times during the months of lockdown – a field constantly changing as the seasons progressed.

    I am sitting on a bench under the tree at the end of the field.  Here, I often stop to pause, to relax and absorb the view around me.  In my mind’s eye I look up and see the leaves, moving vigorously in the wind as the clouds pass swiftly to reveal a sun which begins beating down and warming me from outside in. This peace is broken by the vision of the muntjac which scampered, yesterday, across the field – an interloper in my reverie. I smile

    Still with eyes closed, my breathing becomes slower, gentler – I relax.




    Photograph & text by Di, Loughborough  // Music & performance created by Zoe Katsilerou

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