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    June 20 News

    Welcome to June edition of our blog.

    June has been a month of shifting sands… lockdown still in force, but with little freedoms creeping in here and there. It’s been a very meaningful time for us all to reconnect (albeit distantly) with a handful of friends and family in person rather than through screens. To have conversations that flow rather than the stop-start awkwardness of large-group zoom meetings. To add things to our days like ‘a walk with Josie’ rather than the unending cycle of cook-eat-wash up.

    For the collective it’s been all hands to the pump as we launched our ‘Online Mindful Miniatures’ project online. This is a project funded by Arts Council England which will run throughout June, July and August and is the chance for us VC musicians to connect and collaborate with members of the public during this time. At the start of June we posted our first ‘tune your senses’ audio-guide, created by Susannah Tresilian, who has been able to join us on this project in amongst childcare and a complicated house move – thank you Susannah. We had a number of public responses to this, in the form of images or text, which were in turn sent on to VC musicians to interpret musically. One audio-guide plus 4 responses will be posted each month, all of which can be found on the beautifully put together and easy to navigate webpage, created for us by our wonderful Naomi Tattum. 

    Thanks for reading, I hope you and your families are keeping well. We’d love to hear from you anytime with feedback, thoughts or with a response for our Online Mindful Miniatures project. Here are some quotes from people who have taken part so far. 

    Wow, thanks for this. It’s presented really beautifully.

     I really enjoyed being part of this, and it was a relief to create something in lockdown, without the guilt of being self indulgent with my time, in a financially terrifying time for people in the performing arts sector.” Carl Raven, Saxophone, Response 2

    “It was amazing to hear my experience of my mindful walk turned into such resonant art! Thank you so much to Harry for lending his talent to my writing! It’s been a real delight to be part of this project – a kind of paper chain of wondrous experiences” Arabella, Response 3


    That’s it from us for now. Take care and we’ll see you in July.

    Here is an audio version of this month’s blog: