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    January 20 News

    Happy New Year! January has been the start of an exciting year for Vonnegut Collective, so please read on…

    We were delighted to achieve our crowd funding target for 48 Hours – Adès/Rennie – Sponsor an Hour! Now, thanks to all our generous supporters, we are able to continue with this brilliant project throughout the coming year. As you will see below, we have already started this exciting journey!

    Members of VC – Caroline Pether, Gemma Bass, Kay Stephen, Paul Grennan and Ben Powell – completed phase 1 of the intense Adès/Rennie rehearsal sessions. The Adès quintet is renowned for being a particularly difficult piece to rehearse, and so we were grateful to have the time and space needed to really dig into the challenges and nuances of this wonderful piece. As Gemma from VC put it ‘The Adès is slowly taking shape as the fog begins to clear’!

    Gary and Gemma from the collective also travelled to the north of the UK this month. ICEBERG invited VC to be a part of Weekend of Improvisation Glasgow (WIG), to lead and take part in workshops with other performers, musicians and members of the public. It was a LOT of fun, take a look below at the photos:

    Here is an audio version of this month’s blog: