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    February 19 News

    Sadly February got away from us a bit and we didn’t manage to have a Monthly Meet as such, but it has been a really exciting month nonetheless and we have some pretty wonderful bits of news to share
    with you. So here goes:

    A little while ago, we were invited by fellow Vonnegut Collective  member, Norm Skipp, to collaborate on a film soundtrack he was working  on. This involved Gary, Harry and I improvising to the film a couple  of times, then recording some extra sounds which Norm could carefully sculpt and shape into something wonderful. Norm really is a wizard and the results were amazing. Well, this month has seen his hard work pay off with not only numerous nominations at film festivals in the USA, but a few wins too – Best Original Score at the February round of the Indie Short Fest. The film also won Best Mystery Short and Best Cinematography and has been accepted into the LA Film Awards.

    So massive well done to Norm and also to the film’s creator, Mark Solter. The film is called The Moon Smells Like Gunpowder and you can see the trailer on our videos page here.

    February also took us to the wonderful Talliston House and Gardens in Essex for a weekend of dream-filled wanderings and wonderings in ‘time is different here’. We were working alongside Gav Osborn (a regular VC collaborator) and Rachel Graff (previously a University of Manchester Composition student and participant in one of our projects there) to create an immersive event for a few inquisitive audience members, combining live instrumental performance, storytelling, and electronic soundscapes.


    Man playing flute

    blind folded trumpet player

    a woman playing the violin on a bed, dreaming

    Time is Different Here, Talliston House


    A really exciting month! See you all soon!

    Here is an audio version of this month’s blog: