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    December 18 Meet

    Gary recently discovered a really great place – the brilliant Pop Up Bikes near Victoria station. Good coffee, cakes, bikes to ogle and an exciting acoustic to mess about with – we were keen to get in there and have a play. Thankfully Prakesh and the other staff were really accommodating and we were able to come in and make a load of noise for a few hours one cold afternoon just before Christmas. We invited regular VC members – Graham South, Anton Hunter and Norm Skipp – along to join us.

    Gary and I have never really used pedals before so in the first half of the session Anton explained what he had and what they did, then for the second half we all just had a play. Here’s a glimpse of what happened:

    We’ll be back at Pop Up Bikes to perform on 6th March 2019, more info here.

    In other news we’ve still been beavering away on the website, and working on getting ourselves registered as a charity so we can maximise all the new music-y goodness we can put out in the world!

    That’s it for this month. Happy Christmas and we’ll be back in 2019….


    Here is an audio version of this month’s blog: