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    August 20 News

    The end of August has been a really significant time for us here at VC. We saw the end of our Online Mindful Miniatures project, publishing our 12th response to complete the set. We have loved working on this and sharing it with you. We’ve been so thrilled with the level of engagement and have been happy to receive some very positive feedback, both from public participants and from members of the collective so a huge thank you to everyone for making this project such a success.

    The end of Mindful Miniatures means we say goodbye to Susannah Tresilian for a while. It’s been a dream come true to work with this remarkable woman, and we have more plans in the pipeline which I hope we’ll see come to life soon. But for now, a big thank you to Susannah, who brought something very special to Online Mindful Miniatures and shaped the tone of the project so beautifully.

    I’m afraid we have to extend further goodbyes to our dear and brilliant administrator, Naomi Tattum, who is leaving us after 3 years of great work and friendship. We’re so thrilled that Naomi has accepted a full-time position with Impact Arts in Glasgow and have no doubt she’ll continue to make really wonderful projects with deep and meaningful results. We’re very very sad to see her go though, and will miss her very much.

    Outside of VC other parts of our lives are beginning to stutter and start as orchestras and ensembles tentatively begin to make music together again and kids go back to school. We’re hoping very much that the 7 of us involved in the 48 Hours project will be able to start things up again there as well, and we’ll certainly be in touch with any updates around that as they come in.

    So much is still uncertain and we want to send our support out to those people who still find themselves in some sort of limbo, unsure of what the next months and years might bring. We’ll be leaving Susannah’s audio guided Mindful Moments up on the website in the hope that they may still be of help to people long after the project itself is ended. As for us, we’re going to take a bit of time away from all this to reflect a bit and think about the future of the collective. So if we don’t post anything for a while, please don’t worry, we’re just putting our feet up and taking a big, deep breath.

    Take care all, thanks for your support and we’ll see you again soon.

    Here is an audio version of this month’s blog: