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    April 20 News

    This month has been a strange one for us all. It’s the first full month in lock-down and no concerts for our members for the first time in many years. It has meant that there has been lots of time to practice, to discover new areas of where we live and to get to grips with online teaching, which inevitably has its highs and lows! Some of the collective are home-schooling, and have a renewed respect for the amazing work that teachers do everyday day. And there’s news of lots of sourdough baking! Each week is different as we try out different routines, listening to how our body and mind are settling into a new way of living.

    In our March blog, we told you about having to postpone our performance of 48 Hours Adès/Rennie, and at the moment we are in the process of working to fix new replacement dates. Of course, this also means that we had to say goodbye to next season’s plans and to begin working out what we can reshape into something we can do online. It’s been really important, as with many organisations, to re-frame this loss as a time to step back, check in and strengthen the organisation.

    All of us are finding ways to connect and keep healthy in mind and body. We have tried to balance the necessary evil of getting used to so much more screen time with being outside, moving and sometimes relying on the weather to dictate the days and moods. We hope that all of you out there are safe and well, and we look forward to being able to bring you more new music to you soon.

    Here is an audio version of this month’s blog: